Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gay Robot Full Episode

Gay Robot was a show based off of an Adam Sandler comedy routine. They made a pilot, which you can watch below, but as far as I know the show isn't going anywhere. I think it's a little too un-P.C.. The main character is a gay robot, who spends most of the episode chasing after hot frat boys.

Gay Robot
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P.S. Here is a blog post ripping into the show. Sample:
The premise is as follows: Gay Robot is a sentient, ambulatory contraption that lives on a college campus and develops ardent and predatory gay crushes on the handsome frat boys he hangs out with. The contraption was built by a college professor who “accidentally spilled a wine cooler on its motherboard”, prompting “the whole thing to turn out gay.”

So far it sounds really terrible, right? Trust me, it gets worse. Gay Robot talks in a metallic lisp and says things like “I like penis. I like balls. I like semen smoothies.”

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Trybaby said...

HAhahah so good, i liked the swimmer part, wow so great,