Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Delightfully Gay Guinness Advertisement

Guinness has done some great commercials (their Evolution ad is one of my favorites) and this one sure is well done and really cutely gay:


Trybaby said...

OMG that was just the cutest thing!!!! That is by far my favorist commercial ever!!! WOOT WOOT

Trybaby said...

Now that I watch it again I wonder what the msg at the end means? "NOT everything in black and white makes SENSE" Are they trying to say that the only thing that does make sense is the guinness and that the fact th gay guys are in this relationship don't? But they do show the two men in such a good light. I'm confused. Am i reading too much into it and if so then what does it mean? I can't see any other meaning. Maybe it's about how one goes to work and the other doesn't? Or that the guy is sorta taking the house cleaner guy for granted, or that being a really messy guy doesn't make sense? DAh im confused. It's a cute ad regardless and the guys are cute.

Trybaby said...

OHHHH I GET IT!!!!!! The thing that doesn't make sense is your assumption that it was a man and a woman!!!! hehehe I didn't sleep enough today, i pulled an all nighter studying and I'm going to do one right now for a different test! yay. Keep up the good work! WOW now I like Guinness even MORE!!! IMPOSSIBLE!!!